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Rent wired & wireless mics, handheld, headset, lavalier / lapel – stands, booms and cables

Handheld wireless mics, wireless headset mic, handheld wired mics including Shure SM58 and Sennheiser E835
Wireless headset microphone bundle

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Need to rent a microphone for your next gig or live event? We have a large range of wired and wireless units, stands, cables and accessories all at competitive hire prices.

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Whether you are looking for wired or wireless mics, headset, lapel or lavalier mics, drum or instrument mics, we’ll have them  in our extensive hire inventory.

We offer some of the cheapest hire rates in Sydney with a large range available for collection from conveniently located Upper North Shore (Hornsby) warehouse where we stock professional mics from leading manufacturers including Shure, Sennheiser and ElectroVoice. We also stock specialist mics including condensers and hanging choir mics, lavalier, lapel, headset and cheek mics.

A selection of our most popular hire rates is displayed below – please call should you need advice on your microphone requirements.

Hire pricing (all handhelds include mic stand and balanced mic cable, 6m or longer):

Element ICT can also provide everything you need for a memorable event with high quality reliable PA, mixers up to 28 channels, effects and EQs, friendly advice, delivery and set-up options and even an audio technician.

We also offer delivery, set-up and operator options
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25+ years of audio experience

With more than 25 years of audio experience from concert PA, mobile and club DJ work – both in Australia and overseas – and having provided live sound for all manner of events, we know how a good PA system should sound and perform!

PA is about quality, not simply quantity, and so we have selected only top quality industry leading professional brands for our systems, including products from ElectroVoice, Shure, Yamaha, Sennheiser, Allen & Heath and DBX.

We can supply a range of effects units, compressors and equalisers (only the best from DBX), DIs, mic’s including wired and wireless – and power amps if you simply need more output for your own PA.

We can also hire you a 30 metre 24 channel, 4 return, multicore / snake for when you need distance between your front of house system and the sound desk.

Give us a call on (02) 9477 3757 to discuss your requirements, and we will work with you to ensure you have a system which meets your exact needs.

How we can help you avoid PA issues

Have you experienced PAs with poor sound quality? Heard feedback and hiss, muffled sound, and generally poor sound? Too little or too much bass, midrange or treble, and either too little or too much volume?

Avoid these issues by picking a quality PA such as the systems offered by Element ICT. For more complex events, we can even provide an experienced operator.

Delivery, set-up and operator options

We can deliver and set-up within the Sydney metro area at competitive rates. Delivery and collection rates start from as little as $50 extra in a 20km radius from Hornsby for our small PA packages.

We can also provide an operator for larger events if you are looking for total peace-of-mind around audio tuning, sound levels, mixing and playback and more.

Our operator rates start from as low as $55 per hour for a 4 hour daytime event, and $65 per hour for evening or weekend events. Delivery and set-up is free if you pick the operator option!

If collecting and setting up yourself, please keep in mind that some equipment is heavy in nature and may require a 2 person lift.

Get in touch for a friendly discussion your requirements, to arrange a hire or find out more!

Contact us or call (02) 9477 3757 to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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Hire a professional handheld mic with stand from just $12 per day, wireles mics from just $75 per day!

Hire a Shure SM58 or Sennheiser E835 starting from just $12 including stand and cable!
Hire a twin Shure BLX handheld system from just $95 per day or a BLX body pack and headset system from just $75 per day. M17 (outdoor / indoor) and K17 bands (indoor only) available

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Electrovoice ZLX-12P used as a vocal foldback / monitor

Do you need foldback?

Our ElectroVoice ZLX-12p 12" 1000w powered speaker with onboard combined dual input mixer (common XLR and 1/4" jack) is a great option for holdback.

Lightweight and versatile with great clarity and output. Hire from just $55 per day.

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Shure BLX Wireless Mic system with two PG mics

Shure BLX88 dual wireless microphone pack with twin PG58 handheld mics. This version is suppled at the M17 frequency range which allows for full outdoor use in most regions of Australia.

Hire from just $95 per day.

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3 Sennheiser e835 wired microphones - hire this great quality audio mic from Element ICT

Sennheiser e835 dynamic vocal mics. These give a good warm vocal output neither too harsh in the mids and highs but neither too mushy in the low frequencies.

Hire from just $20 ea per day with a boom mic stand and XLR cable, or just $50 per day for a bundle of 3 with stands and XLR cables.

Hire now! Hire our Yamaha MG10XU mixer - 10 channels with built in FX!

Yamaha MG10XU 10 channel mixer with onboard FX. Phantom power on 4 mic channels in addition a range of 1/4" jack and RCA inputs. Also includes monitor outs and a USB out for recording.

Hire from just $40 per day.

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