PA Hire

 Speaker hire from $55 per day and packages from just $95 per day

Powered & Passive Speakers & Foldback, Battery Powered / Portable PA,  Wired & Wireless Mics, Mixers, Stands & accessories


PA Hire

 Speaker hire from $55 per day and packages from just $95 per day

Powered & Passive Speakers & Foldback

Battery Powered / Portable PA, 

 Wired & Wireless Mics, Mixers, Stands & accessories

Hire high quality, powerful & reliable PA systems

Whatever your PA hire requirements - speakers, wired and wireless microphones, mixers and more - we have a wide range of easy to use, quality products at competitive pricing with great discounts for multi-day hires.

Based in Hornsby on the North Shore, we are ideally located for hire across the Sydney Metro area including CBD, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District & Central Coast.

Our hire range – click for pricing and online booking or call (02) 9477 3757 to discuss your requirements

Stage boxes / multicores & accessories
Foldback / monitors from $55 per night
EQs, effects, DIs and processors from $35 per night

Friendly no-obligation advice

If you are unsure of your requirements,  or simply need advice and assistance to determine the right equipment for your event or hire needs.

We offer no-obligation initial discussions, friendly service and knowledgable advice based on 20+ years of experience.

Our systems are suitable for:

  • Corporate events and product launches
  • Conferences and presentations
  • Charity events and fundraisers
  • Shows, fetes and open-days
  • Media events
  • Weddings and parties
  • Band and DJ events
  • And much more!

Premium systems without the premium price tag

If you are looking for a crystal clear, reliable, high fidelity PA that will deliver clear and powerful sound and speech reproduction, our systems will deliver.

Our hire range includes industry leading brands such as ElectroVoice, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Shure, Sennheiser and DBX.

For PA speaker hires, we include high quality stands free of charge.

We also offer powerful portable battery powered PAs - with battery life of up to 11 hours - for outdoor events such as weddings, media events, outdoor corporate events and more.

PA experience and knowledge

With more than 25 years of audio experience from mobile and club DJ work – both in Australia and overseas – and having provided live sound for all manner of events, we know how a good PA system should sound and perform!

PA is about quality, not simply quantity, and also reliability and so we have selected only top quality industry leading professional brands for our systems.

We can supply a range of effects units, compressors and equalisers (only the best from DBX), DIs, mic’s including wired and wireless – and power amps if you simply need more output for your own PA.

We can also hire you a 30 metre 24 channel, 4 return, multicore / snake for when you need distance between your front of house system and the sound desk.

Give us a call on (02) 9477 3757 to discuss your requirements, and we will work with you to ensure you have a system which meets your exact needs.

You can also check out our free article on miking a live band or performance.

Avoid PA issues

Have you experienced PAs with  feedback and hiss, muffled sound, and generally poor sound with either too little or too much bass, midrange or treble, and either too little or too much volume?

Avoid these issues by picking a quality PA such as the systems offered by Element ICT and for larger more complex events, we can even provide an experienced operator and audio technician.

Lighting and rigging options

Most of our systems are available with complimentary stands, and we can also supply a wide range of lighting hire options and even a range of industry standard 290mm box truss hire options for larger events.

Delivery, set-up and operator options

We can deliver and set-up within the Sydney metro area at competitive rates – from as little as $50 extra in a 20km radius from Hornsby for our small PA packages – and can also provide an operator for larger events if you are looking for total peace-of-mind around audio tuning, sound levels, mixing and playback and more.

Our operator rates start from as low as $55 per hour for a 4 hour daytime event, and $65 per hour for evening or weekend events. Delivery and set-up is free if you pick the operator option!

If collecting and setting up yourself, please keep in mind that some equipment is heavy in nature and may require a 2 person lift.

Get in touch for a friendly discussion your requirements, to arrange a hire or find out more!

Contact us or call (02) 9477 3757 to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Element ICT can provide everything you need for a memorable event with high quality reliable PA, friendly advice, delivery and set-up options and even an audio technician.

Current Hire Rates (updated April 2019)

PA Hire$ Day$ Weekend*$ Week
Pair of Electro Voice ZLX-12p Powered Speaker (1000w)110150330
Pair of Electro Voice ELX-200 15p Powered Speaker (1200w)140200440
Pair of Electro Voice ELX-118p 18" Powered Subwoofer (700w)150215450
12" Powered Foldback5585150
15" Powered Foldback70100175
12" Passive Foldback (Neutrix Speakon and 1/4" inputs - requires separate power amp)355595
AVE AX-800EGM Power Amplifier (2x400watts RMS per channel @ 4ohms)4065100
Allen & Heath Zed-428 28 channel analgoue mixing desk125250500
Yamaha MG10XU mixer with digital FX & USB4080160
24 channel out / 4 return, 30 metre stage box / multicore60110220
Shure SM58 or Sennheiser e835 mic with boom arm stand and balanced XLR cable122045
Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System (2 mics)95180360
DBX 231S Graphic Equalizer3570140
DBX266XS Compressor3570140
Behringer Ultra DI4000 (rack mount, 4xDI input)3570140
PA and sound reinforcement packages
Bose S1 Pro Portable Battery Powered PA with Sennheiser e835 microphone115185340
Pair of Bose S1 Pro Portable Battery Powered PA with Sennheiser e835 microphone215350625
Package 1 - basic PA with mic (1x EV ZLX12p powered speaker, 1x Shure or Sennheiser microphone, 1x Speaker stand and all cables)95150225
Package 2 - DJ starter pack (2x EVZLX12p powered speakers, 1x Numark Mixtrack Platinum DJ Controller, 1x Shure or Sennheiser mic, 2x speaker stands and all cables)130195325
Package 3 - conference, basic PA or DJ use, suitable for up to 50 people(2x EV ZLX12p & Yamaha MG10XU mixer)160250450
Package 4 - DJ or small group suitable for up to 100 people (2x EV ELX-200 15p & Yamaha MG10XU mixer)190320550
Package 5 - DJ or mid size group suitable for up to 150 people (2x EV ZLX-12P, 1x EV ELX-118P & Yamaha MG10XU mixer)225395675
Package 6 - Pro DJ or medium to large group - for up to 200 people (2x EV ZLX-12P, 2xEV ELX-118P * Yamaha MG10XU mixer)295525725
Package 7 - Pro DJ, large band / live group (with foldback) - up to 400 people (2x EV ZLX-12P, 2xELX200-15P, 2xEV ELX-118p & Yamaha MG10XU mixer)345575825
Package 8 - Large band / live group (with foldback) - suitable for live audio engineer use (2x EV ZLX-12P, 2xELX200-15P, 2xEV ELX-118p & Allen & Heath Zed-428 mixer)425675945
*Collect Friday / Return Monday
All packages include all necessary audio and patch cables
Price includes GST
Click here for conditions of hire