DMX Lighting Controllers, Wireless DMX Transceivers & Cables

We have a range of DMX lighting controllers available for hire, from a simple 5 channel unit for PAR64 washes, through to a dual universe, 768 channel controller with onboard pre-programmed shapes capable of controlling up to 32 fixtures of 24 channels.

If you want to avoid long DMX cable runs, we have a range of reliable Wireless DMX transceivers which can help avoid the usual long cable runs between the lighting console and the first lighting unit in the DMX chain. We’ve used these extensively in a variety of environments and they have proven completely resilient to interference and drop-outs (of course they’re not going to replace Art-Net or similar, but they are a genuinely usable solution for smaller shows and venues).

For larger events, we can also work with our cross-hire partners to provide high-end consoles with multiple universes and ARCNet functionality.

Naturally we also have a huge hire inventory of DMX cables from 0.5 metre to 25 metre lengths, all hi-quality fully screened cable for interference and drop-out free performances. Don’t buy these for one-off events when you can hire at a fraction of the price!

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