Disco ball / Mirror ball hire

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Hire from our huge range of disco balls / mirror balls, motors and lighting for you next event

Add some retro disco bling from just $4 per night for our basic 8" disco ball!

We hire a large range of disco / mirror balls with sizes ranging from 8" to 40" diameter and professional models with smaller 5mm mirrors for the ultimate effect.

Couple these with our range of pin spots and beam light sources and you're ready to recreate the ultimate retro disco effect!

If you're looking form something even more original, light your disco / mirror ball with one of our moving head spots and by selecting a different gobo and colour, you can dramatically change the effect. For example, you can use a split colour and a rotating gobo split with a prism for the ultimate color changing rotating mid-air effect!

Add a smoke machine, or better still, one of our hazers and you can really bring your event and venue alive.

We hire a range of:

  • 8 inch to 40 inch mirror balls
  • 16 inch professional mirror balls with smaller 5mm mirrors
  • Mains powered mirror ball motors
  • Mirror ball motors with DMX control
  • Battery powered mirror ball motors
  • Moving head spots for long-distance disco / mirror ball illumination
  • Mains powered pin spots
  • Battery powered pin spots
  • Stands, trussing and mounting hardware

Hire on-line from our mirror-ball section of our hire-shop or contact us today on (02) 9477 3757 to discuss your requirements and arrange a quote, or hire on-line here!

Disco balls illuminated by two Showtec moving heads